"Ron English used his signature “POPaganda” style in a recent guerilla marketing campaign against sugary children’s cereal. A plump parody of the recognizable Kellogg’s character ‘Tony the Tiger’ is about to be released as a limited edition vinyl figure, sending kids a visual message about what is really in their food.

In October, English carried out a guerilla campaign by creating a series of parody cereal boxes and covertly placing them on the shelves of grocery stores. These made a statement about sugary cereals by altering the familiar characters and wording seen on the boxes. The Frosted Flakes cereal became “Sugar Frosted Fat” and featured an obese parody of ‘Tony the Tiger.’

Now ‘Fat Tony’ is making his way to the toy shelf as there is going to be a vinyl figure released soon. This is a clever way of using toys to send messages about children’s health…”


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